Personal Development Credit Program


Any Nova Scotian student having completed a Cadet Summer Training Course that has been approved by the Nova Scotia Dept of Education for this program can apply to earn an elective credit counting towards graduation.  Furthermore, even though only one elective credit can be earned, the cadet/student can have any/all of the approved cadet courses listed on their high school transcript, a fantastic way of letting post-secondary schools and employers know that cadets benefit from a broad and unique education.

The program is administered by the Dept of Education, not the Cadet org.  Students must submit their application including their summer Cadet Participation Evaluation Report to their school guidance councillor, or whoever has been designated by the school to receive the applications.

The list of approved courses, the application form, and other information can be found by visiting the following website:  The form to be used is called the “Student Notification Form”.