The aim of the training program is to develop well rounded Air Cadets. In order to do so, the local training program touches almost every area of the air cadet movement. This can include: drill, survival, principals of flight, navigation etc. The successful completion of an air cadet proficiency level will allow cadets to apply for summer courses to further develop an area of interest of a cadet. This page will expand on what subject’s cadets can expect to see in their proficiency levels.

Please see below for any updates regarding the Air Cadet Programs/Training.

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National Effective Speaking Competition


chris hadfieldEach of us, by the very biology of our design as living beings, is alone. We are firmly contained inside our skins, physically separated in feeling and thought from all others. But we also have the tremendous gift of speech, and with it, the ability to rapidly communicate complex ideas. It is to promote this facility for the spoken word that the Royal Canadian Air Cadets have a competition for effective speaking.

Effective speaking requires the following things: well-formulated thought, understanding of language, strength of voice, and confidence of idea. Throughout life, your ability to convey your thoughts and feelings to others will determine how well you connect with the rest of humanity.

As an Air Cadet, you have already started on a path that can lead higher than you can imagine. The necessity to be able to pass on what you’ve seen and done, to express your own life experience to others, is key.

I congratulate you on your choices in life, and your initiative in entering this Competition. I wish you the very best of success.

Ad Astra! Colonel Chris Hadfield Astronaut, former Air Cadet

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